Social Innovations In The Swiss Mountain Region


How was the inventory done?

Since there is no comprehensive overview of social innovation in mountain regions and existing inventories (see e.g. CIPRA) do not go beyond individual case studies (see e.g. SIMRA), a comprehensive inventory of social innovation in the Bernese Oberland was developed from scratch.

The inventory is based on a database of 979 innovative projects, organisations, offers and initiatives planned and/or implemented in the Bernese Oberland in the period from 1997 to 2018.

To create this database, different sources were brought together:

With the help of an analysis grid consisting of 23 evaluation criteria, we identified those social innovations that meet the definition described above. The analysis grid is based on criteria for the following categories: Cooperation / novelty / idea / Bernese Oberland / improvement of quality of life / change in social relations / change in power relations. A total of 68 social innovations were identified. To identify the social innovations, all projects and initiatives in the database were independently assessed by two researchers. The intercoder reliability of the analysis is 90%.



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