Social Innovations In The Swiss Mountain Region


The Haslital comprises the area of the upper part of the Aare Valley with its side valleys. More than half of the almost 8'000 inhabitants live in the municipality of Meiringen. With the exception of Meiringen, the population of the region is declining (BFS 2018a). Due to the energy companies located there, the proportion of employees in the second sector is comparatively high at around 30%. This also applies to the health sector, including nursing and old people's homes, where the proportion of all employees is around 12% (FSO 2014). In the municipality of Hasliberg the figure is as high as 20% (Credit Suisse 2016). The number of overnight stays in Hasliberg and Meiringen together is only about one-fifth as high as in the Jungfrau region, although it has fallen slightly between 2013 and 2018 (FSO 2018b). The vast majority of guests come from Switzerland (BFS 2015). Private construction investments in Meiringen remained relatively constant from 2013 to 2015, but in 2016 they have soared in the course of several construction projects (FSO 2016b).

Meiringen Karte
Picture: Tschubby / License: Creative Commons by-sa 3.0

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